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Sacred Heart Catholic School - magazine drive thru Great American Opp. -Magazines can be purchased online at -account #2496834 This is a very profitable fundraiser for Sacred Heart. We will receive 40% profit from each subscription or CD ordered. Magazines can be purchased on line at any time during the school year.

Library Guide Lines

  • Overdue fines are $.05 per school day on 2 week check-outs, High School Library
    $.05 per school day on a 1 week check period for Elementary Library .
  • Internet is available on the computers in the libraries .
  • But, practice safe surfing . . . follow the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Use Nettrekker for online research
  • Use the computers for word processing projects.
  • Use the library catalog on the PC computers.

    Limit your printing to 4 sheets, front/back, or pay $.25 for more.
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the library.
  • Return books to the drop box in High School hall or circulation desk, In the Elementary Library
    place books on the table right inside doorway.
  • If the librarian is not present to scan your book, then use the "check-out" sheet on the circulation desk counter.

Using the Library Catalog

  • Library catalog is on the PCs in both the libraries.
    When a password screen occurs: the user = patron.
    The patron password = patron.
    Punch enter or click OK.
  • Double click on the icon that says OPAC; .
    Search by Author's Last Name or Title (use the first few letters)
    or Subject (use the base word) or keywords.
    When a listing occurs, then double click on the desired item and read the results.

    You will be able to tell:
    the location of the item by the call number
    how many copies of the title are owned by the library
    if the item is a book (hardback or paperback), CD, audiocassette, or videocassette.
    If a copy is currently IN or OUT and if the book as a Scholastic Reading Counts, the reading leave of that book and the number of points the test is worth.