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High School


Sacred Heart Catholic School has a well-rounded academic program for both college-oriented students and vocational students.  High school students are required to complete 28 credits to graduate.   The Honor Program is designed for highly motivated students capable of accelerated courses.    These courses include Pre-AP courses, AP (Advanced Placement) courses, and dual credit courses.   There are numerous extra-curricular activities for students to become involved in. 

High School Class Schedule
Ruth Barton
  Speech, Yearbook, Senior Class Sponsor, Administrative Assistant
Colette Burroughs
Jill Etzler
   Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus, Calculus Honors
Christina Halata
   English II, 9th - 12th Athletics, Coach
Alyson Klimitchek
   Biology Lab Assistant
Geralyn Klimitchek
   Chemistry, Environmental Systems, Physics
Sally Kolos
   English III, BCIS
Trey Kraatz
   9th Grade Homeroom, 9th Grade World Geography,
   10th Grade World History,  11th Grade U.S. History
Rick Masek
   Business Classes, 9th - 12th Athletics, Coach   
Irene Matula
   Spanish I, Spanish II
Amber Nieto
   English II Pre-AP, English III AP, English IV, English IV AP, 
   11th Grade Homeroom
Wanda Orsak
   9th Grade Health, 9th - 12th Athletics, Coach
Shadra Pastucha
    10th Grade Homeroom, Algebra 2,  Geometry, Algebra 3
Barbara Tankersley
    English I
Michael Tankersley
   Theology I, Theology II, Theology III, Theology IV, Government, Economics
Stephen Zornes
   Vocational Shop