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First Grade

Kim Henke |

First grade is an exciting time when students gain more independence and learn much more in all subject areas. In Language Arts, the Superkids Program helps students become more fluent readers and writers. They also use guided reading resources and Scholastic Reading Counts computer program. First grade students learn many math skills, from how to count to 120, add and subtract double digits, and count coins, to learning to tell time to the hours and half hour, measure objects, and identify 2-D and 3-D figures. In religion. the students learn basic prayers, how to pray the rosary, and more about the Catholic faith. Many science and social studies lessons come from Scholastic News, Studies Weekly, and Mystery Science. Field trips are a fun part of the year. In the fall, they go to the corn maze to learn more about corn and products of corn, and about milk and dairy products. In the spring they visit the Texas Zoo in Victoria to learn more about different kinds of animals. First grade is a very busy year!