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The PreK-3 and PreK-4 classrooms are set up with learning centers.  Some of the centers are:  Art Center, Math and Manipulative Center, Library Center, Science Center, Dramatic Play Center, Blocks and Building Center, Computer Center, Language Center and Music Center.  Learning centers are designed to entice children and to motivate them through interaction with a variety of developmentally appropriate materials and equipment.  They also help the children to learn through play, which is a very important part of a young child’s development.  The children spend time each day in the learning centers. We teach a phonics-based program using Zoophonics, Scholastic and SuperKids.  PreK students get to do many fun activities throughout the year such as Pajama Day for the letter P, 100th day of school, and field trips.  Attending the  school mass is an important introduction to their religious training.

2019-2020 Supply List

PreK - 3  Teacher:     Lynette Sykora     
PreK - 3  Teacher:     Jennifer Loudon

PreK - 4  Teacher:    Debi Bludau