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Librarian - Virginia Grafe
Librarian Manager - Jaycie Macek 

The school library and media centers are learning places where students can explore a variety of resources and participate in a wide selection of activities and educational experiences under the guidance of librarians and teachers. Books, magazines, videos, computers, and various audio-visual materials are carefully selected by librarians and teachers. These resources are efficiently organized and circulated to provide a program of instruction in correlation with the Catholic curriculum of Sacred Heart Catholic School.

Using the Library Catalog

  1. Library catalog is on the PCs in both the libraries.
  2. When a password screen occurs: 
    1. the user = patron
    2. the patron password = patron.
  3. Hit enter or click OK.  
  4. Double click on the icon that says OPAC.
  5. Search by Author's Last Name or Title (use the first few letters) or Subject (use the base word) or keywords.
  6. When a listing occurs, then double click on the desired item and read the results.
    1. You will be able to tell:
      1. the location of the item by the call number
      2. how many copies of the title are owned by the library
      3. if the item is a book (hardback or paperback), CD, audiocassette, or videocassette
      4. if a copy is currently IN or OUT and if the book is a Scholastic Reading Counts, the reading level of that book and the number of points the test is worth. 
Reading Counts          Reading Counts Book Expert